Section 179 Expensing and Bonus Depreciation Pitfalls

If eligible, you can elect to use Section 179 expensing or bonus depreciation to deduct a large portion of the cost (and, in some cases, the full cost) of eligible property in the year it’s placed in service. Alternatively, you may follow regular depreciation rules and spread deductions over several years or decades, depending on how the asset is classified under the tax code.

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Russo CPA Tax Tips Businesses can save taxes by acquiring and placing assets in service by year end

Business Savings: Acquiring & Placing Assets in Service by Year-End

Under Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code, companies can “expense” the full cost of qualifying fixed assets to reduce their taxable income. This means they can deduct the purchase amount currently rather than having to depreciate the asset over many years. Both new and used fixed assets can qualify. The election is available for qualified property placed in service anytime during the tax year.

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Deducting Business-Related Vehicle Expenses

If you’re self-employed and use your car, SUV, or other vehicle for business, you can deduct certain business-related vehicle expenses. Depending on the cost of operating the vehicle or how much you drive it, as well as how much of your use of the vehicle is for business purposes, this can add up to a significant tax deduction

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Russo CPA Tax Breaks for Teachers and Educators

Tax Breaks for Teachers and Educators

It’s almost time for the start of the new school year, and if you are a teacher or other educator, you should know that you can still deduct certain unreimbursed expenses. Deducting expenses such as classroom supplies, training, and travel will reduce your 2023 income tax liability. And you don’t even have to itemize to claim this deduction.

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Tax Tips 2022 Deducting Medical and Dental expenses

Deducting Medical and Dental Expenses

If you, your spouse, or your dependents had significant medical or dental costs in 2022, you may be able to deduct those expenses when you file your tax return this year. Here’s what you should know about medical and dental expenses and other benefits:

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Tax Tips Image: Neatly stacked pennies in an ascending line. Russo CPA Tax Tips 2023

Employee Business Expense Deductions: Who Qualifies?

Before tax reform, an employee could deduct unreimbursed job expenses and other miscellaneous expenses that were more than two percent of adjusted gross income (AGI) as long as they itemized instead of taking the standard deduction. Starting in 2018, however, most taxpayers can no longer claim unreimbursed employee expenses as miscellaneous itemized deductions unless they are a qualified employee or eligible educator.

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Russo CPA and Small Business: Deducting Startup Costs

Small Business: Deducting Startup Costs

If you’ve recently started a business – or are thinking about starting a business – you should know that as an owner, all eligible costs incurred before you began operating the business are treated as capital expenditures. As such, they are part of the cost basis for the business.

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