Month: November 2023

For 199A Tax Deductions, Must Landlords Give 1099s to Vendors

The preamble to the Section 199A final regulations contains the following new sentence:

… taxpayers should consider the appropriateness of treating a rental activity as a trade or business for purposes of section 199A where the taxpayer does not comply with the information return filing requirements under section 6041.

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Five Facts About the Opportunity Zone Tax Incentive

Providing tax benefits to investors who invest eligible capital into distressed communities throughout the U.S. and its possessions, Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs) were created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to spur economic development and job creation. …

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Withdrawing ERC Claims

Halted Employee Retention Credit Claim Withdrawals

Recently, the IRS halted the processing of claims for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) due to a high volume of fraudulent claims. The moratorium is through at least the end of 2023. ERC claims that were already filed are now subject to longer processing, including heightened scrutiny to weed out fraud.

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One time thing: IRA to HSA Transfer 2023 Russo CPA

One-Time Thing: IRA to HSA Transfer

Did you know that you can transfer funds directly from your IRA to a Health Savings Account (HSA) without taxes or penalties? Under current law, you’re permitted to make one such “qualified HSA funding distribution” during your lifetime.

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Russo CPA Is Disability Income Taxable? 2023

Is Disability Income Taxable?

If you may be eligible for disability income should you become disabled, it’s important to know whether that income will be taxable. As is often the case with tax questions, the answer is “it depends.”

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Russo CPA How to be ready to secure a business bad debt deduction on your 2023 Tax return

Secure a Business Bad Debt Deduction on Your Tax Return

Is your business having trouble collecting payments from clients or vendors? You might be able to claim a bad debt deduction on your tax return. But if you hope to take the deduction on your return for this year, you’ll have to get busy because you must be able to show that you’ve made a “reasonable” effort to collect the debt.

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