Individual Services

Individual Services

Achieve a State of Financial Zen

Taxes. Does that five letter word evoke stress and fear? We’d love to lift your tax burden (pun intended) here at Robert P. Russo, CPA, P.C. Headquartered in NYC, we offer meticulous and strategic financial and tax services for individuals and families across the U.S., and even overseas. From young people to seniors planning ahead for their legacy, they come to us for personal accounting services– and stick with us – because of our calming, conscientious, and fastidious approach. Oh, and our uncanny ability to find hidden tax savings and refunds. 

Income Tax Planning

Your maximum refund — hidden in minor details.

These are the details that most accounting firms overlook. But the team at Russo CPA, P.C. knows the tax code in all its intricate and complex glory. We know where to find serious tax savings. Our obsessive attention to detail results in our crunching the numbers, then crunching them again – never resting until we uncover all possible tax advantages.

That’s how we’ve built our reputation as go-to personal accountants. From complex joint tax returns to seemingly straightforward “standard deduction” forms, we’ll ensure you’re filing in the right format and maximizing the desired results.

IRS & State Audits and Problems

More money. More problems. Let us help before one problem becomes many. 

Don’t get us wrong: an audit is serious. But you can feel hopeful and calm if it happens. We’re here to help you get through an IRS or state audit. We’ve defended many successful audits with tact and ease. We also represent clients undergoing collections. Our IRS audit negotiations have led to a 99% success rate. Because of our success rate, other CPAs often refer their clients to us for audit help in New York, across the country, and globally.

As a top accounting firm, we’ve helped negotiate payment terms for clients with the IRS and state taxing authorities for all tax types. This has saved our clients an enormous amount in penalty abatements. And we’ve secured a workable payment schedule — and even reduced liability for our clients.

Life, Retirement, Trusts and Estates, and Inheritance Planning 

We take estate planning personally. Your personal needs — as well as your numbers — are important to us.

Whether or not you have substantial wealth, you may be drawn to a financial advisor or insurance professional for help planning your investments, retirement, and legacy. We’re not looking to replace our colleagues. But from a tax perspective, there are key moves you can make that will result in more financial leverage. Talk to the Russo CPA, P.C. team for advice on maximizing your retirement, insurance, inheritance, or estate planning.