Month: November 2019

Got Crypto? New IRS Ruling Requires You to Do 3 Things

In mid-October 2019, the IRS released new rulings regarding how virtual currency is viewed in light of tax law.

The main takeaway is this: If you’ve got crypto, the IRS is keeping a close eye on you. There’s no need to panic! Here at Robert Russo CPA, we’ve put together 4 things you need to understand about taxes on cryptocurrency – and how the new October ruling impacts you.

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Business Expense Deductions for Meals, Entertainment

As the end of year approaches, taxpayers are reminded that business expense deduction for meals and entertainment have changed due to tax law changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Until proposed regulations clarifying when business meal expenses are deductible and what constitutes entertainment are in effect, taxpayers should rely on transitional guidance that was recently issued by the IRS.

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Reporting Virtual Currency Transactions, Bitcoin and Taxes

With the price of Bitcoin hitting record highs in 2017, many Bitcoin holders cashed out not realizing the impact it could have on their tax bill. Many people, for example, did not understand that it was a reportable transaction and found themselves with a hefty tax bill—money they may have been hard-pressed to come up with at tax time. Others may have been unaware that they needed to report their transactions at all or failed to do so because it seemed too complicated.

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