Russo CPA Use the Tax Code to Make-Business Losses Less Painful 2023

Make Business Losses Less Painful Through Tax Code

Whether you’re operating a new company or an established business, losses can happen. The federal tax code may help soften the blow by allowing businesses to apply losses to offset taxable income in future years, subject to certain limitations.

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Russo CPA How to be ready to secure a business bad debt deduction on your 2023 Tax return

Secure a Business Bad Debt Deduction on Your Tax Return

Is your business having trouble collecting payments from clients or vendors? You might be able to claim a bad debt deduction on your tax return. But if you hope to take the deduction on your return for this year, you’ll have to get busy because you must be able to show that you’ve made a “reasonable” effort to collect the debt.

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Russo CPA What Tax Deductions For Business Travel Can I Take 2023

What Tax Deductions for Business Travel Can I Take?

I own a business, am I allowed to take tax deductions for business travel?

The overall answer is yes. Whether you’re a single-owner LLC or own an S-Corp business with multiple employees, you can take tax deductions for business travel. However, as is always the case in the world of tax law, things get…intricate.

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Russo CPA The Ins and Outs of the Home Office-Deduction

The Ins and Outs of the Home Office Deduction

The pandemic changed the landscape of work for a lot of people, including the numerous business owners who began running their businesses from their homes. Many are still working from their home offices, whether full-time or on a hybrid basis. If you’re self-employed and run your business from home, or perform certain functions there, you might be able to claim deductions for home office expenses against your business income.

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Russo CPA Tax Tips Caution On Hold

IRS Suspends Processing of New ERC Claims

The IRS is continuing to warn businesses about aggressive marketing by nefarious actors involving the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). It has suspended the processing of ERC claims until at least year end because of a spike in the number of …

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Russo CPA Moving out of State? Learn All the Tax Implications First

Moving Out of State? Learn All the Tax Implications First

With so many people working remotely these days, thinking about moving to another state has become common — perhaps for better weather or to be closer to family. Business owners might contemplate selling their business as part of an out-of-state move. Many retirees also look at moving to a state with a lower cost of living to stretch their retirement savings. If you’ve found yourself harboring such notions, be sure to consider taxes before packing up your things.

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Chess pieces and board

What Exactly Is a “Small Business”?

Although your business may seem big to you, you may wonder how the government classifies it. A recent report by the Joint Committee on Taxation, a nonpartisan committee of the U.S. Congress, discusses what a “small business” is for tax purposes. As the report states, there’s no one definition of a small business. Instead, different definitions apply depending on the context, various criteria, and certain thresholds.

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Russo CPA Buy-Sell Agreements require careful planning

Buy-Sell Agreements Require Careful Planning

Does your business have multiple owners? If so, you need a buy-sell agreement. This type of binding contract determines how (and at what price) ownership shares of a privately held business will change hands should an owner depart. There are also potential tax consequences to consider.

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What Certain IRS Notices Mean

What does it mean if a business receives a Notice CP2100 or CP2100A from the IRS?

These notices tell recipients that the Form 1099 information returns they’ve submitted contain missing or incorrect Taxpayer Identification Numbers, names, or both.

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