Susy Gao, Partner

Susy Gao realized her dream career while taking an accounting class in high school and excelling. She says, “I knew right then I wanted to be a CPA.”

Wasting no time, as a junior in college, she started working as a bookkeeper at Russo CPA, P.C.! So, she found her dream company as well! 

An integral contributor to the success of Russo CPA, Susy’s greatest satisfaction comes from taking the burden and fear of taxes away from clients. She believes that it’s important that they understand the bottom line and uses her skills of simplifying the complexities of tax law to explain it to her clients. 

Susy’s greatest satisfaction comes from clients who frequently express their gratitude for the work the firm does. Susy relates the story about a client whose prior preparer didn’t communicate with them at all, and when notices started coming in, little was done. In a panic, they came to Russo CPA, where the firm corrected the issues and got the penalties abated. 

Considered a guru of tax planning, Susy unravels tax errors previously made, and trains clients to understand that “finances are a very important part of business – and cannot be left until the end of the year”. Her conscientiousness quickly gains the confidence of new clients. 

Susy says that if she didn’t become an accountant, she would have become a teacher. Actually, Susy does both since she does teach her clients about accounting!