Inside the Numbers with Susy Gao

Meet Susy Gao, a compassionate and dedicated partner at Robert P. Russo CPA PC. With over 15 years of experience in accounting, Susy has cemented herself as a cornerstone of the firm. In this video, she shares her journey from being an ‘accountant at heart’ to finding her home at Robert P. Russo CPA PC. 

Accountants Who Care

Susy’s approach to accounting goes beyond the numbers. She emphasizes building and maintaining solid relationships with clients. At Robert P. Russo CPA PC, it is imperative that meetings with clients occur at least twice a year, fostering a deep understanding of their financial and business progress. Susy’s proactive involvement with clients throughout the year ensures that they receive personalized and timely advice. 

We Serve Clients Globally

One of the unique aspects of working with Susy and the team at Robert P. Russo CPA PC is their capability to serve clients globally. With tax laws continuously evolving, staying updated is critical. Bob Russo’s dedication to keeping abreast with the latest tax laws ensures that the firm’s clients receive expert guidance, irrespective of where they are located. 

As an accounting firm, we excel in expertise and value authentic relationships and individual growth. With Susy Gao and Bob Russo, you’ll find real people who understand your day-to-day struggles and will guide you on the path to financial success. 

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