February 2024 Tax Due Dates

February 15

Individuals: File a new Form W-4 to continue exemption for another year if you claimed exemption from federal income tax withholding in 2023.

Businesses: Provide Form 1099-B, 1099-S, and certain Forms 1099-MISC (those in which payments in Box 8 or Box 10 are being reported) to recipients.

Employers: Deposit Social Security, Medicare, and withheld income taxes for January if the monthly deposit rule applies.

Employers: Deposit nonpayroll withheld income tax for January if the monthly deposit rule applies.

February 28

Businesses: File Form 1098, Form 1099 (other than those with a January 31 deadline), Form W-2G, and transmittal Form 1096 for interest, dividends, and miscellaneous payments made during 2023. (Electronic filers can defer filing to April 1.)

March 11

Individuals: Report February tip income of $20 or more to employers (Form 4070).