Discovering a Mistake After Your Tax Return Is Filed

Did you file your tax return and then realize you’d made a mistake? Perhaps you completed your return yourself and made an error in math or neglected to include a schedule that should’ve been attached. Or maybe you recently remembered some large, potentially deductible charitable donations you’d made early in the year that you’d forgotten to tell your tax professional about. Now, you may be wondering if you need to file an amended return.

Taxpayers usually don’t need to file amended returns for certain issues. For example, the IRS will correct any math errors while processing tax returns and notify the taxpayers. And if a form or schedule is missing, the tax agency will send a letter requesting it. Certain other changes, however, require an amended return to be filed.

They include:

  • a change of filing status
  • missing income
  • incorrect deductions or credits, and
  • an inaccurate tax liability.

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