Business Growth and Accounting Success – Robert P. Russo CPA

Meet our clients: Jessica Hanson, James Johnson, and Jeff Buffum, who’ve experienced significant business growth and financial transformation with Robert P. Russo CPA PC.

Their diverse profiles include a certified financial planner and wealth management advisor, a New York City real estate agent, and a CEO of an expanding business, all of whom have experienced the expertise and strategic insight of our firm.

Their journey with us began around five to six years ago when they recognized their businesses were growing and needed expert guidance. Bob Russo and Suzy Gao stepped in, providing strategic value beyond mere transactional accounting, focusing on proactive tax-saving methods and business structuring for maximum tax benefits.

Our clients highlight the proactive and strategic nature of our services, lauding our hands-on approach to tax savings. Unlike traditional accounting firms, our team at Robert P. Russo CPA PC digs deeper, asking insightful questions and identifying opportunities to minimize tax liabilities both in the present and future.

Listen as they describe how Bob and Suzy’s combined efforts have helped them understand their business finances better and make informed decisions. They appreciate our deep understanding of tax law, and our ability to leverage this knowledge to their benefit is highlighted.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, our clients believe that we can provide that “extra oomph” for your business growth. This video provides a testament to our commitment to integrity and responsiveness, two values that are foundational to Robert P. Russo CPA PC.

As these satisfied clients recommend, Robert P. Russo CPA PC is the go-to accounting firm for businesses of any size – from startups to multi-million dollar companies. Join us and experience the same level of growth and success these entrepreneurs have enjoyed.

And yes, we do have a social life! Bob Russo isn’t just a top-notch CPA, he’s also an avid bicyclist and an engaging individual. Let us be more than just your accountants, let us be a part of your growth journey.